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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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three months ago. country. >> reporter: neighbors who did not know rahman and her husband well. >> i never seen him before after this. >> reporter: eyewitness news is learning rahman's husband told her coworkers that she had to go to bangladesh who were injured in a car accident. the husband also told them she'd be back last week. she's still not returned, as police have opened a missing persons case and started combing through the family home on east 198th street. they even dug up this patch of concrete in the front of the house. >> when you hear she's missing, what do you think? >> that's kind of odd to me. >> they've been out since december that i know. it's been closed for two or
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>> others are hoping mahfuza rahman will be found safe. >> other neighbors say they can't imagine what is going on at this point. reporting live, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 5:00, a violent robbery at a bodega in brooklyn caught on camera. this is the man they're looking for. you can see him grabbing a customer, putting him in a chokehold while waving a gun. cefaan kim has the story. >> reporter: take a look at this surveillance video taken from inside gisele's grocery. watch as this man with a hood over his head approaches the counter with items in hand, then suddenly he brandishes a handgun and demands money. >> when he pulled out the gun, i seen him pull it out and i jumped back to this corner. >> reporter: he was the only one behind the counter at the time. there were four other customers inside. they frantically ran to the back of the store, but there was one customer who froze in a moment
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that man hostage, choking him as he waves his pistol, then he fires a shot. it happened around 6 p.m. saturday. he got away with $400 in cash. you can see the 43-year-old store owner tossing it over the counter. this is video police released of the suspect leaving the scene. take a good look at his face. he's about 40 years old with salt and pepper beard. leonardo says after this harrowing incident, he's going to install bulletproof glass. >> got to do something, because there's danger. around here. it's crazy. >> the store owner says he's married with two kids. we asked him how his family reacted to this, he said he didn't tell them because he didn't want them to worry. in east new york, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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shocking admission by tennis great maria sharapova, highest paid female athlete in the world, now admitting to failing a drug test at the australian open. shirleen allicot at the breaking news live desk with details and what this could mean for sharapova's career. >> maria sharapova did not have to make this announcement today. in fact, the international tennis federation doesn't make it public until the appeals process is exhausted. sharapova says she's always been open and honest and has taken full responsibility. the tennis pro who earns close to $30 million a year now faces possible suspension after testing positive for meldonium. it was banned on january 1st. sharapova says she's been taking it for years, it was prescribed by her doctor. >> i know that with this i face consequences and i don't want to
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really hope that i will be given another chance to play this game. >> injury has kept sharapova from competing since january's australian open. we'll see if the possible suspension will keep her off the court. that announcement has yet to be made. three times the speed limit. that's how fast police say the driver was traveling who hit and killed two teenagers in new jersey. eyewitness news just obtaining this exclusive video of that speeding car boiling right through a red light. right now a vigil for the teens, 17-year-old brian rodriguez and 16-year-old noel herrera. the accused driver, 23-year-old eric patterson appearing today before a judge in jersey city. prosecutors say his car was going more than 70 miles per hour, this in a 25-mile-per-hour zone. >> the devastation that we witnessed firsthand without doubt, if thought the worst accident scene i've seen in my entire career.
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29 years, and what i witnessed saturday night i'm sure will forever stay in my memory. >> a lot of people's memory as well. here's a look at the growing vigil in north burgen. we should get that any second now. so many people. an outpouring of emotion. a third teenager was hit, now recovering with a broken leg. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, we're going to hear from people attending the vigil you're looking at right now. also in new jersey heart broken relatives saying goodbye to a 7-year-old girl who was killed in a hit-and-run. funeral services for sheyla pichardo were held. she was walking to school with her mom last week when an suv hit them. the driver and his wife now facing charges. funeral services have been set for former first lady nancy reagan. she'll lie in repose at the ronald reagan presidential library on wednesday and thursday. her funeral, which is closed to the public, will be at the
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mrs. reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband at the library. the former first lady died sunday in los angeles of congestive heart failure. president obama spoke of her comfort and strength. >> i know how much she meant, not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her. and i'm sure he'd be the first to acknowledge that. so she will be missed. >> in addition to all federal flags being ordered at half staff, mayor de blasio has ordered all new york flags be lowered out of respect for nancy reagan who was born in queens. now to vote 2016. how long can they last? that question from both the republican and democratic candidates for president who find themselves chasing frontrunners. another big round of state primaries tomorrow and another big challenge for those trying to beat hillary clinton and donald trump. abc's kenneth moden in washington for us. >> the march madness continues
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republican ted cruz is gaining on donald trump in the delegate count, but democrat bernie sanders has a lot of work to do to catch up with hillary clinton. >> reporter: the race for the white house is focused on the race for delegates. hillary clinton is working to widen her lead on bernie sanders. >> we have differences, but those differences pale in comparison to what we see going on among the republicans right now. you know, i'm interested in results. they're interested in insults. >> reporter: 147 delegates are up for grab in michigan's primary. the math is an increasing problem for sanders. but that's not impacting his rallies. >> please have the great state of michigan lead this country forward toward a political >> reporter: the democrats spent the day on the ground in michigan where flint is dealing with the lead contaminated water crisis. clinton is demanding for the republican governor's resignation which sparked a strong reaction from john kasich on yahoo news. >> i'm really agitated with the
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someone else to resign with history? with the history of her family? give me a break. >> reporter: kasich and marco rubio are holding on with a week to go before the respective states of ohio and florida hit the polls. donald trump called for a two-man race with ted cruz as he dealt with one protester. >> get him out of here. get him out. >> reporter: after another at a large rally in concord. >> go home to mommy. bye. go home to mommy. >> and this breaking news just in to our news room here in washington, former new york mayor michael bloomberg just announced he will not for president in this 2016 race. he says he looked at the data not win. in. but tomorrow there's also contests in this 2016 race in idaho, mississippi, and hawaii. i can report that the big prize is michigan and that's where
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have double-digit leads up against their rivals. a former nassau county executive thomas wasi has declared he's running for congress. he's trying for the third congressional district street. legislative steve stern has also declared he's running for the seat. union officials back at the contract negotiation table this afternoon. deadline is march 13th, only five days away. union workers say they'll go on strike at midnight if a deal is unreached. new jersey governor christie says he wants to have a deal in place before going away with his wife for their 30th anniversary. >> if there's a point where i i believe based on the reports i'm getting from the negotiators that my involvement would be helpful in bringing together a resolution, i'd be happy to be involved. up to this point, they do not believe that my involvement would help. >> if there is a strike, it's
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commuters. there is a slither of good news. five park and ride locations are going to be ready to roll if a deal is not reached. turning now to wall street extending an encouraging winning streak. stocks ended the day mixed, but the dow has risen for five trading days in a row thanks in part to a better than expected jobs report and recent increases in the price of oil. the dow rose 67 points, closing at 17,073. nasdaq fell 8 points. s&p 500 climbed 1 point. new details on that deadly rampage in queens. coming up, hear from the woman who was slashed across the face during her neighbor's violent crime spree. plus, a new change in where transgender people can use the bathroom in new york city. >> a high school football player dies after a hard hit during a game on long island. what his parents are calling for to make sure this doesn't happen to another family. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. spring fever spreads this week.
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new york tonight joining most other big cities in the country, making bathrooms in public buildings accessible to people based on their self-defined gender identity. transgenders now legally protected to use public gender. here's eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman. >> reporter: a rousing round of applause today as mayor bill de blasio signed an executive order saying anyone visiting a city-owned or operated facility
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locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. >> i think new york city has an obligation to lead. i think we have an obligation to show that everyone should be embraced and respected. >> reporter: to be clear, the existing city human rights law already guarantees transgender individuals access to restrooms and privately owned businesses but some see today's order as an important reinforcement of new york's commitment to the lgbt community. >> first time in a that we've actually had a mayor that was willing to support us. >> it's a step. it's a small step but a big step when you think of the bigger picture. so many places we don't have this equality thing. >> reporter: de blasio's executive order immediately went in to effect, even as debate over the topic wages nationwide. south dakota's governor recently vetoed a bill that would have required transgender students to use restrooms that match their sex at birth.
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us they fully support the idea but still have questions. >> i don't know about the technicality of it, if a guy is using the women's bathroom, i don't know about the technical part of it. other than that, i have no problem with it. >> reporter: this new order will soon be posted clearly in city operated businesses. anyone who feels they've been discriminated against on gend er identity is asked to call 311. sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. jury deliberations underway right now in the erin andrews' stalking lawsuit. the jury will decide whether the dancing with the stars host and sports reporter should get $75 million in damages from a hotel in nashville. andrews claims the hotel allowed her stalker to have access to her room. the stalker filmed nude videos
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and put them on the internet. director of the cdc in puerto rico assessing that agency's operations in response to the zika virus. tom frieden, former health commissioner of new york city getting a first hand look with the cdc's close working relationship with the department of health. more than 100 zika virus cases reported there this year. it could spend to hundreds of thousands of people like past outbreaks of chikungunya. joe biden beginning a multi-country tour. today speaking to hundreds of airmen at a major desert airport near abu dhabi. he praised them for their work. >> you captured the images that provide us with the intelligence we need to target the enemy and protect our forces. >> vice president's regional tour also will take him to israel, the west bank, and to jordan. things got a little strange
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a woman dressed, climbed on top of an 18 wheeler and started dancing. it happened just after a crash on the highway. a houston fire department ladder truck had to pull up to the front of the semi to get the woman down. she's now in police custody. i guess she's no longer dancing and is probably fully dressed. >> probably good she's in custody and safe at this point. a lot of people, i'm one of them, big dose of spring fever. no question. >> i'm there with you. >> sort of put my feet up in a week in march, this is usually a busy time here. coming up. many of you have been asking does this mean we'll have a hot and hotter summer? that's not actually the case. no correlation there. we're just in a truly el nino pattern which actually weakens as we go in to summer. the pattern can actually flip by then. meanwhile as we look at central park, absolutely looks gorgeous. the other thing that will help temperatures skyrocket is we
5:18 pm
we have to keep up with the numbers. what i mean by that is usually low. we'll have to stay with these numbers because our models are not going to have an easy time keeping up with how high these models are going. westerly wind, 12 to 18 miles per hour. the pressure on the fall and the high today, 60 degrees. average high is 47. that's more like our lows as we go through the next few days. sunset at 5:54. last year on this date it was partly sunny and 38. the numbers along the coast, you're not going to feel as spring-like because we're getting the wind off the water. 48 in babylon. 58 in danbury. any type of wind out of the southwest rather than west is going to keep the south facing shores chilly while inland numbers can get as high as they want. you can see the winds which have been a little bit gusty. they'll back off as we go toward sunset but they're gusting over 20 miles per hour. there are your water temperaturesome temperature -- temperatures only
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nice evening in the low 50s, with less wind should feel great. might be an isolated shower. there's a front nearby tomorrow morning, about 49. that front will lift through by lunch and then the numbers will start to climb in to the mid 60s. you can see that front sitting off to our north. there are clouds over montauk right now. it's a backdoor cold front but only limps our way then retreats to the north. you see how much cooler it is in the boston area up toward albany. only around 50. but in the 60s to our south and west, that's our highs for tomorrow. then well in to the 70s as we go through the middle of the upcoming week. you watch the futurecast here, those clouds are backing in over the area. still a little chill especially away from the city overnight. we even start the day in the upper 30s north and wesh of new york city. it won't be a perfectly sunny day. clouds mixing with sunshine but during the afternoon hours we should be well in to the 60s. it's wednesday and thursday that are really the days when the temperatures are the highest.
5:20 pm
the evening is nice and mild in the 50s. there just might be an isolated shower around late tonight. partly to mostly cloudy in the morning and then partly sunny for the balance of the day tomorrow. mild. 50s along the coast, about 70 west of new york city. 65 in the city. 51 tomorrow night. keep in mind, our average daytime high is 47. we're only 51 tomorrow night. here's what we'll be working on for 5:30 because there are this. could parts of the area have three 70-degree days? tomorrow through thursday. how about the range on thursday? parts of the area could be in the 60s and parts of the area near 80 so we'll tell you where you fall in that range on thursday. and yes, the weekend is definitely turning cooler. the question is, is it in the 40s? we'll address that in the 7-day accuweather forecast. i guess it's all not that easy. >> there's some stuff ahead. but good questions to ask and answer. still ahead, the supreme court's ruling on same-sex adoption.
5:21 pm
stand. what he said about a video showing him having sex with a friend's wife. >> quarterback peyton manning finally making his retirement official. you'll hear what he got the most emotional about. >> you might not know his name but you probably use his
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we have breaking news in the erin andrews case. there apparently is now a verdict. you're looking at pictures earlier of erin andrews in the courtroom. we don't know what the verdict is but we'll bring it to you as we can. the jury waits to make their decision on whether the dancing with the stars host and sports reporter should get $75 million in damages from a hotel in nashville. andrews claims the hotel allowed her stalker to have access to her room. this is happening at any moment but a jury has reached a verdict in this case. we'll bring back these live pictures when we have new information. it might have been the worst kept secret in football. tonight no shocker, quarterback peyton manning is retiring from a sport he's dominated, setting records for quarterback. he's got a bunch of them. most yards, most touchdowns, most victories.
5:25 pm
>> it's a heck of a career. that career does end today. peyton manning announcing his retirement from pro football. never easy to walk away. but number 18 does after 18 years in the nfl. >> there's something about 18 years. 18 is a good number. >> reporter: the numbers are some of the biggest the nfl has ever seen. first with the colts, then with the broncos. five mvps, dozens of passing records, one retirement. it came today for number 18. >> it was just the right time and maybe i don't throw as good or run as good as i used to but i've always had good timing. >> what sets him apart from everybody else, because he got >> reporter: manning's last game, a super bowl win. but he also noted he still owns the nfl record for 28 saying -- >> i still kid eli but he would started all 16 games. >> reporter: eli's big brother turned emotional when speaking about his family and what
5:26 pm
peyton showed his most emotion when talking about his sport. >> i revere football. i love the game. >> reporter: and walking away from it. >> i fought a good fight. i finished my football race and after 18 years, it's time. god bless all of you and god bless football. >> plenty of speculation about what manning does now. he gave no specifics today. this day was about the career he walks away from and what a career it was. >> that speech was incredible. >> he was so emotional. you covered him since you were both kids. >> the day he came in to the league, he was drafted here in new york, then i was a reporter in indianapolis when he met the media there. there's two guys very much younger than they were now. look at that dark hair. >> and wiser now i might add. >> so peyton went on to do great things. this is his second practice as a professional in indianapolis. >> did he have it then?
5:27 pm
the day that i met him, he introduced me to his dad. he said this is my dad. this is my mom, ms. olivia. cooper was there. eli was not there. >> one of the things he's going to miss is calling eli on the bus. >> brothers to the end. still ahead, we're waiting for the verdict in the erin andrews case. a $75 million case against marriott hotel. we'll bring you that as soon as we get it. >> a deadly crime spree in queens. we're hearing from one of the victims of the attacks spanning over several hours. >> the police officer convicted of rape. the attorney for the victim claims there's new evidence that reveals there may have been a
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we return to breaking news. the verdict being called in the erin andrews case. they've just broken away from recess. you're looking at live pictures. this is a $75 million lawsuit against a hotel in nashville. andrews claims the hotel allowed her stalker to have access to her room. this is quite an emotional moment for erin andrews. we'll see what the jury decides. the judge is now saying a few words. we're keeping an eye on this and we'll move to our next story of the evening. a memorial growing. this crowd in north bergen just releasing balloons to remember noel herrera and brian rodriguez. the teenagers were hit by a car
5:31 pm
from union city high school. eyewitness news obtaining video. the accused driver, 23-year-old eric patterson in court today. we'll have more on the case coming up at 6:00. now to a deadly crime spree in queens. tonight one of the victims talking about the frightening moments and we're learning more about the store owner killed in one of the attacks. >> a shooting leaving two cops hurt. the suspect now in critical condition. this whole thing started yesterday morning when police say he slashed his neighbor in astoria then less than four homeless man. >> at sunset he attacked two cops near his home and that's when they confronted him. kemberly richardson is in astoria. >> everyone here knew george patouhas. his friend tells me helped fight off the attacker.
5:32 pm
hospital and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. >> reporter: utter and total disbelief. herbert rodriguez stood a few feet from where his best friend was brutally stabbed to death. george patouhas tried to fight off his attacker but couldn't. the 55-year-old died here inside his liquor store. >> what do you tell them? what do you tell a wife who just lost a husband? there's nothing that can be said or done. nothing. but i tell you something. my heart is for her. i'm so hurt. >> reporter: george was one person who had the misfortunate of crossing paths with this man. police say james dillon history of mental health issues and eight prior arrests including most recently menacing. sunday the 23-year-old for some reason went on a violent rampage in the same astoria neighborhood where he lives.
5:33 pm
then the damage was done. >> i was scared when i found out because he lives here. he lives on the corner of the block. i never thought this would happen. >> reporter: daisy lives next door to dillon. her mother was heading to church around 11:20 in the morning. dillon was on his bike and pulled out a knife. she said that's when i told myself i'm going to die here. i didn't know what was going to happen. that's when he grabbed me by the neck, he grabbed me by my jacket and started to stab me in the neck. dillon would then come to george's shop, allegedly kill him, and set another man in fire also inside. >> this is not someone who would come up on the radar as a particular threat but this does get to the point that that family deserve more help to figure out how to handle the
5:34 pm
>> she believes the only reason dillon stopped stabbing her was took off. he refused to drop the knife and threw an unknown chemical on two officers, we're told both officers have been treated and released from the hospital. for now we're live in astoria, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. frightening moments on a subway platform in queens when a teen was shoved in to the tracks but her quick thinking saved her life. police say the 17-year-old was at the roosevelt avenue and 103rd street station when a man in his 20s suddenly came up behind her and pushed her. she landed on the tracks but was able to squeeze between the platform and the wheels of an oncoming train. she made it out with only minor injuries. police are looking for her attacker. 5 million visitors since it opened. we're talking about the 9/11 memorial museum. it was announced today, the museum opened in may 2014. visitors have come from all 50
5:35 pm
now to the funeral for a former nypd cop who died in texas. today the men and women in blue showing up in manhattan to remember officer david hofer. >> hundreds of officers attended and thousands more attended a funeral for him over the weekend in texas. darla miles has the story. >> when one of us fall, we all pick them up. but more importantly, we take care of their family. >> reporter: he'll always be their brother. that's why hundreds of nypd officers lined up at st. patrick's cathedral for the monday morning memorial service for former nypd officer david hofer, showing his family the same love and respect as they would any other nypd officer. >> very somber. brings these things to reality. >> reporter: the 29-year-old left the nypd two years ago to work for euless police in the dallas area. thinking it would be safer than the new york city streets. he was killed in the line of
5:36 pm
on saturday, hundreds of people attended a texas memorial service to say goodbye. >> our son eddie was his partner in euless. they came down in new york to go to euless together. there was a group of them. >> he was a great guy. i don't know how else to tell you that. he was a great guy and his fianci is a wonderful girl. >> reporter: hofer worked in the 9th precinct for five years. >> all over the country we come together for times like these and this is one of those times unfortunately. >> reporter: he graduated from st. ann's high school. he went to nyu, graduating in 2008 before he joined the nypd in 2009. >> when you see police officers with shields from every partner that surrounds us, you come out here and feel strong because you know you're part of something bigger. you're part of something better. >> friends say hofer loved the
5:37 pm
he purchased a home with his fianci and liked how nice and friendly the people were there. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. hello, i'm shirleen allicot at the live desk and we have just learned the verdict in the erin andrews lawsuit against two hotel companies. a jury has found them guilty. a jury found westin hotel partners and former operator windsor capital were partially responsible for allowing a stalker to take nude photos of the sportscaster and posting them online. andrews' original suit had asked for $75 million but this time around a jury has awarded erin andrews $55 million. michael david barrett admitted to altering hotel room peepholes and taking nude videos of andrews and posting them online. he served two and a half years in prison and now those two hotel groups will have to pay $55 million to erin andrews in this lawsuit. back to you in the studio.
5:38 pm
died during her first day on the job has been laid to rest. the funeral was held today for ashley guindon. the officer was buried alongside her father in their home state of massachusetts. guindon was killed more than a week ago while responding to a domestic dispute in woodbridge, virginia. she was just 28 years old. governor of michigan insisting he will not resign after being attacked in the flint water crisis in the democratic debate last night. both presidential candidates calling for rick snyder to leave his post last night when they faced off in flint. today governor snyder saying he's not leaving because he's going to solve the city's water problem. snyder tweeted during last night's debate saying he's taking responsibility. connecticut now the latest state thinking about ending its taxation on feminine hygiene products. general assembly committee today discussing a bill to scrap the
5:39 pm
tampons and maxi pads. one supporter fears the proposal will be killed because of the state's budget crisis. coming up, the death of a high school football player on long island. his family opening up for the first time as they push for changes to the game. also, hulk hogan takes the stand. the wrestler is in the middle of a court battle over a sex tape. >> and changes to a new york city tunnel that could affect your commute. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. sun setting in about 15 minutes. looking beautiful over new york harbor. 5:54. daylight saving time this weekend. we spring forward. don't forget. really feeling like spring. this is just the beginning. watching a warm front right here to our north, sitting right over parts of the upper great lakes and it's going to soar us in to the 70s by wednesday and
5:40 pm
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e-mails, unfortunately he has died. ray tomlinson sent the first electronic messages back in 1971, but the invention didn't pick up steam until personal computers became popular a decade later. he also came up with the idea to use the @ symbol to connect the username and address. apple sent this tweet saying thank you for inventing e-mail and putting the @ sign on the map. estinpeace. justice upholding a challenge brought by a woman in alabama after that state's highest court reporter refused to recognize the adoption she and her former lesbian partner were granted in georgia. today the high court ruling that alabama could not disregard the judgment of a sister state. an attorney for the victims of former oklahoma police officer daniel holtzcla says new evidence was not investigated.
5:44 pm
about her attack before the other victims came forward. he claims it could have been given to the district attorney. 13 women testified. the former pro wrestler hulk hogan taking the stand today in his lawsuit against the website, gawker. hogan testifying he was humiliated by the video of him having sex with a friend's wife. he said at first he didn't know his friend had recorded the encounter. >> no one had proved to me yet that bubba had done this. all i knew was that gawker had put some sex tape up that i didn't know was filmed illegally. >> hogan now suing gawker for $100 million saying his privacy was invaded when the website posted the video. still to come, the death of a high school football player in long island may lead to changes
5:45 pm
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a familiar face will try to make us laugh at the primetime emmy awards this fall. abc announcing its late night host jimmy kimmel will host the show in los angeles. he last hosted the show in 2012. this summer. in anything. tongued. >> i visited the theater where he has a show in brooklyn, the kings theater, which is awesome in the flatbush second. weekend? >> beatles revival.
5:49 pm
he's a crazy beatles fan. it's awesome. so it's all about the weather. i just felt that gentle breeze coming in to work and you feel the warmth. so nice. >> this is just the beginning. we have 60 degrees. we have a long way to go. folks who just made plans to come in to town this week, they're in luck. outside we go this afternoon. a beautiful sunset brewing. i'm sure we'll have a nice time lapse if i know my 6:00 producer, he'll have that ready to go for us and we'll see a beautiful sunset at 5:54. 60 degrees right now, westerly wind 12 to 18 miles per hour. so we hit 60 today but we can do better. 70 degrees in march. it actually hasn't happened since 2012 which was the second warmest march ever and we had eight 70-degree day years. the sunset was at 5:54. this sunday daylight saving time returns.
5:50 pm
april 10th, 7:30. with the wind backing off it's been gusting 15 to 20. becomes light and variable tomorrow morning. there's a little front in the area so not a perfectly sunny day. mostly to partly cloudy to start. variable cloudiness and sunshine through the day. it's really filtered. we'll get in the mid 60s despite the fact the west wind isn't gusting yet. we don't even drop out of the 50s and then we're going in to the 70s midweek. we have this front to our north right now. this front off to our south. and there are a couple little sprinkles which i wouldn't be shocked to see a shower later on tonight as the leading edge of that warm air still a bit of a chill in the air. 42, islip. 44, belmar. notice how there's a couple clouds around. this futurecast even depicting a little brief shower. we go clouds and sun in the afternoon, few parts of interior new jersey may touch 70 degrees. as we go through tomorrow night,
5:51 pm
how about these afternoon numbers coming in? lower 70s. a little concerned about low cloudiness. could be a real different story, parts of long island were only in the 50s rather than the 70-degree numbers we'll advertise wednesday. that would easily break a record, the one set back in 2000, 69 degrees. 73 on thursday. that's an interesting day because the northern suburbs may actually only be in the 60s. showers coming in during the afternoon. while parts of central and southern new jersey may be 75 to 80 on thursday. by friday we've all cooled off a little bit but a nice day, partly sunny, 63. 56 on saturday. there might be a shower later in the day. the weekend overall looks like it's in the 50s. saturday could be a little cooler. >> 73. >> at least. 1 million potholes in new york city have been filled since mayor de blasio took office. the mayor filled in another one today in the east village where
5:52 pm
she's overseeing the repaving of 2100 lane miles by the end of next year's fiscal year. the last year the mayor earmarked $1.6 billion to resurfacing streets over the next decade. >> look at the mayor tarring up the black top. that's awesome. still to come, a family on long island tried to turn their grief in to action after the death of their son. >> the high school football player passed away following a gruesome tackle on the field. now his parents are rallying for rule changes. >> coming up at 6:00, exclusive video of a car moments before it crashed in to a group of teenagers, killing two of them. a man accused of driving drunk and streaming that drive live on the internet. and we've got the latest in a plea deal in the case of a teenager police say killed a
5:53 pm
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with our exclusive one-hour arrival window. feels good to be back. come back today. you'll get free installation, tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. field. a family in long island opening up about the death of their son.
5:56 pm
now his parents are hoping his death will spark a change in the rules, especially at the high school level. stacey sager has the story. >> reporter: for the cutinellas, football and family had always gone hand in hand. 16-year-old tom, a junior at shorem wading river high school. on october 1st of 2014, it was a game here at john glenn high school that changed everything. >> our son is dead because of football, because of a football play. >> reporter: officials called it a freak accident. it took tom's father 10 months to watch the video. and frank and kelly cutinella now say, while they blame no one, this was no freak accident. >> tripping on the ground as you're walking, that's a freak accident. something happening to you at that moment. this was a hit that could have been avoided. >> tom died from a helmet to helmet hit targeting play where
5:57 pm
crown of his helmet and hit him in the face mask helmet. >> reporter: research over the years shows that high school players are as much as three times more likely than college players to suffer catastrophic head injury. training. they're getting built up that much stronger so i think it converts in to high impact hits. >> and there's a trickle down effect from the nfl. the audience, high school players, their parents and fans promoting this killer instinct which can trump rules. >> these are the expectations that they see. this is what we've learned from the nfl. >> reporter: the cutinellas say they owe it to their son to fight for change in the culture of high school football. and so here in suffolk county, beginning next season, specially designated safety coaches, pregame safety and stiffer penalties for all types of helmet to helmet hits. >> we're proposing at that point
5:58 pm
be removed from the contest. >> reporter: the easy way out would have been for the cutinellas to quit football, but tom's younger brother kevin still plays. >> can you watch him play still? >> absolutely. i can. >> reporter: they say frank will promote the new guidelines at a statewide conference and that they won't give up till they also get a meeting with the nfl. in wading river, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> in new york state players with be suspended for targeting or spearing but not always. cutinella's father wants to change that. he'll be taking his idea to a new york state athletic association conference this month. straight ahead, a drunk driver streaming his dangerous drive on the internet with cops watching the whole thing.
5:59 pm
a plea deal tonight for a teenager from connecticut who murdered her classmate at school because she wouldn't go to the prom with him. >> we have exclusive new video of a car police say was speeding just before a horrific crash that killed two teenagers. and it turns out the driver never should have been behind the wheel. good evening to you at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. more on those stories in a moment. first breaking news. we're getting reports about a possible gas leak and evacuation in midtown manhattan. >> shannon sohn is over the scene with the latest. >> you can see all the fire department officials here, a huge response to this report of a gas leak. the call came in just a little while ago. you see the fire department officials coming in and out of that one door here. they're getting word of this gas leak in this five-story building which has been evacuated because of the gas leak.
6:00 pm
identified the source of that leak but we just want to bring this picture out so you get an idea. all of this is happening at the intersection of 9th avenue and 50th street. as you travel south toward the left side of your picture, it's taking out several lanes and of course they're still trying to identify the source of that leak. no one injured here. reporting live over midtown, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. now that horrific crash. prosecutors say the 23-year-old driver was going three times the speed limit when he lost control and killed two teenagers saturday night. they say he didn't have a valid driver's license. >> within the hour a vigil was held. they released balloons to remember those victims. >> a 16-year-old and 17-year-old were killed when a car jumped the curb. >> just take a look at this sea


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